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What Is a Party Bus? Exploring Party Bus Inside & It’s Types

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Updated: September 6, 2023
What is a party bus

If you are looking to take your upcoming event or celebration to the next level, consider the incredible world of party buses. If you are wondering, “What is a party bus?” Well, a party bus is a large vehicle modified or customized to carry a large group of people for recreational purposes. The party bus is often equipped with sound systems, disco lights, and dance floors, making it a popular choice for bachelor/bachelorette parties, proms, and other special occasions.

The party buses allow groups to cruise in their private mobile party zone. If you are planning a special event, a party bus is a great way to make it even more memorable. You and your guests can enjoy a night of dancing, drinking, and socializing without worrying about driving or parking.

What Is A Party Bus?

Typical party bus is a large passenger vehicle designed specifically for partying, entertainment, and transportation. Party buses come in various shapes and sizes, from regular 25-passenger party buses to huge 40+ passenger buses. What defines a party bus is the luxurious disco-like interior equipped for ultimate fun. From LED lights and vibrant sound to a dance floor, a bar, and plush leather seating, party buses have all the fun amenities. The interior of the party bus is transformed into a fun club with all the latest amenities.

Party buses offer a convenient transportation choice for large groups heading to different events or nights out. They provide a unique experience where the journey is equal fun to the destination. You can dance, laugh, sing, play games, and create memories while a professional driver navigates different routes. The party bus’s VIP experience builds excitement and ensures the group travels in style and comfort. The party buses offer luxury, convenience, and unforgettable memories for bachelor/bachelorette parties, proms, city tours, and wine tours.

What Does A Party Bus Include?

Wine and Brewery Tours What Is a Party Bus? Exploring Party Bus Inside & It’s Types

A party bus works as an entertainment vehicle for groups, serving as a mobile venue for celebrations with various features and amenities inside. A regular party bus begins by renting the vehicle from a party bus or limo rental company. You can choose a bus and modify features like decorations, catering, or drink choices according to your group size and demand. On the event day, the bus will pick you up from your chosen location. From there, the fun begins!

With a professional chauffeur behind the wheel, you can enjoy the bus features as you take off on your celebration. The party bus driver will navigate a set route to transport you between different spots. You can take the bus wherever you want, whether to a nightclub, a concert, or a sightseeing tour. Throughout the ride, you can celebrate your party without worrying about driving or logistics. The atmosphere and experience inside the party bus are unmatched by other vehicles. After the ride is over, the chauffeur will drop everyone off safely at the end location.

Party Bus Inside

Wine and Brewery Tours What Is a Party Bus? Exploring Party Bus Inside & It’s Types

When it comes to unforgettable celebrations, party buses provide a special experience. Party buses are not just a means of getting from one point to another. Stepping inside a party bus rental is like entering a world of entertainment, luxury, and pure fun. The perfect party bus rental comes fully loaded with features and amenities to create an exciting atmosphere. Here are the features and amenities that make a night to remember inside a party bus:

1. Dance Floor

A party bus is incomplete without a dance floor. The dance floor is often the central attraction inside a party bus. The dance floor allows passengers a huge space to show off their best moves. The floor has color-changing LED lights and lasers to make the atmosphere like a dance club. With upbeat music, the dance floor encourages you and your guests to dance freely. The dance floor is what transforms a regular bus into the ultimate party experience.

2. Bar Area

The bar area is the most essential component of any party bus. The bar area of a party bus is often located in the back of the bus. It is equipped with a sink, refrigerator, and barware. The bar space features stylish countertops, cabinets for glasses and drinks, and bar tools for guests to sit on. The bar is full of beer, wine, liquor, and the necessary ingredients for cocktails. The bar creates a fun atmosphere where you can mix drinks, socialize, and enjoy the party.

3. Spacious Interior

The spacious interior of a party bus can comfortably accommodate 20 to 40+ passengers, depending on the bus size. It has a huge open floor space so guests can dance and enjoy together. The seating is usually arranged to allow guests to socialize within the group. There is ample legroom between seats and headroom so passengers can stand freely without crouching. It provides a comfortable and enjoyable environment where everyone can relax and have fun.

4. Comfortable Seating

The comfortable seating is the key feature that allows the guests to have an enjoyable and relaxing ride. The seats are typically high-quality or faux leather that remains cool and makes it easy to clean the drinks spill. The seats are spacious and well-padded, with enough legroom to allow passengers to stretch out and relax. They are adjustable so that passengers can find a comfortable position.

5. Lighting & Sound System

The LED lights and premium sound system create a party atmosphere inside the party bus. The LED lights, fiber optics, and the beat of the music create the club feeling. Party lovers can dance under colorful lights that electrify the cabin. The high-quality sound system allows the music to be heard clearly throughout the bus.

Microphones allow guests to use the sound system for karaoke and sing their hearts out. The lighting and sound turn the party bus into a moving nightclub.

These elements elevate the party bus experience, turning it into a luxurious and unforgettable adventure for party enthusiasts. The addition of these interiors inside a party bus features transforms a simple ride into an epic celebration, ensuring that the party bus experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Without each of these components, the party bus inside or interior remains incomplete.

Do party buses have bathrooms?

Most party buses do include bathrooms, but not all of them. The type of party bus you rent determines whether or not a bathroom is included. Smaller party buses used for short trips may not have bathrooms, while larger party buses like double-decker party buses do. So, it’s better to ask the rental company when booking the party bus.

Having an onboard bathroom is an essential amenity that most party buses offer. Having bathrooms on the party buses allows guests to continue the party without making unplanned stops for restroom purposes. With this, they can spend more time dancing, socializing, and fully enjoying the unique party bus experience.

Types of Party Buses

Party buses come in various styles & sizes to suit different groups and occasions. From flashy limos to multi-level coaches, party buses are designed to elevate any celebration to a high level. Some of the most common types of party buses are:

Limousine Party Bus

A limousine party bus is a luxury bus that combines the style of a luxury limo with an extended cabin to accommodate 20-30 passengers. Ford Econoline Party Bus and Ford F550 are common limousine party buses. These buses have plush leather seating, LED lighting, sound systems, bars, & TVs. They are perfect for casino trips, concerts, proms, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and weddings.

Club Style Party Bus

A club-style party bus is designed to get the party rolling with the atmosphere of a fashionable nightclub. They have vibrant laser lights, disco balls, LED lights, and bar areas to excite the party inside the vehicle. The dance floor inside the club-style party bus invites guest to show off their best moves. A club-style party bus brings the exciting nightclub experience on the road.

Double Decker Party Bus

A double-decker party bus is a two-story bus that provides guests with a club vibe and an open space to party. The lower level of the double-decker party bus has dance floors, entertainment systems, and bars like other party buses. Guests can climb stairs to the open-air deck for sightseeing. The guests can enjoy sightseeing safely, standing behind railings.

Custom Party Bus

A custom party bus is a type of party bus that is designed to meet the needs and themes of a specific group. For a bachelorette party, it may have feminine color lights. Corporate party buses may include a company’s branding and logo. For kids’ birthday parties, the bus may include decor related to cartoon themes or popular games for kids.


A party bus is more than just a vehicle. It’s a large luxury vehicle designed for partying, dancing, drinking, and having fun with groups. Inside, a party bus contains comfortable seating, bars, entertainment systems, lights, and other amenities to keep the party going wherever it travels. Party buses are suitable for groups of 10 up to 40+ passengers. With loud music, flowing drinks, and flashy lights, party buses allow you to travel the city in your private party zone.

At our limo bus rental company in Portland, we provide large, customized party buses for groups looking to elevate any occasion. Our fleet of party buses can accommodate parties from 10 to 20+ people interested in celebrating safely while traveling in style. Our party buses have plush seating, dance floors, LED lights, top-shelf bars, and premium sound and lighting. Our party buses create an unforgettable, unique party experience for any group across Oregon. Let us turn your upcoming event into an unforgettable road party!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of a party bus?

The point of a party bus rental is to have fun while being transported from place to place. It provides a unique space for music, drinks, dancing, games, and socializing all in one vehicle.

Can 25 people fit in a party bus?

Yes, a typical large party bus can accommodate 25-40 passengers. Party buses come in various sizes. Ford F550 Bus is the perfect party bus for 20-25 passengers.

Do party buses just drive around?

Party buses are usually rented for transportation to specific events or destinations. Some people just rent them to drive around the city. Typical party bus transports groups to concerts, sporting events, bars, clubs, weddings, corporate events, and winery tours.

What are the features of a typical party bus?

A typical party bus includes the following features:

  1. Spacious interior with comfortable seats
  2. Loud sound system
  3. Disco lighting and flashy LED lights
  4. Temperature-controlling system
  5. Onboard bathrooms

What types of events do people rent party buses for?

People usually rent party buses for the following events:

  1. Weddings
  2. Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  3. Proms
  4. Winery & Brewery Tour
  5. Night Outs
  6. City Tours etc.

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