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  1. The chauffeur may terminate the balance of the limo ride due to misbehavior that may cause damage to the limousine, passengers or any violation of this agreement. There is no refund due for terminated limo ride.
  2. Customer who reserves the service should be 18 years or older.
  3. When a customer reserve a service with us, they are providing us the authorization to charge them on the credit or debit card or the bank account.
  4. Subcontracting Policy:  Royalty Trips reserves the right to subcontract any service booked and confirmed with Lucky Limousine and Towncar Service to our affiliate companies should the need arise.
  5. Reservations is not complete until payment has been made. A 50% deposit is required to reserve the vehicle. Balance payment is due 7 days prior to the service date, with a full itinerary. Remaining balance will be charged to the card on file. 
  6. Reservations are confirmed by first come, first served – By completion of payment.
  7. All Cancellations will be offered one alternative date for service. Based on vehicle and chauffeur availability. No Refund is provided for service cancellations.
  8. Child Safety: Royalty Trips doesn’t provide car seats. Customers shall bring and install car seats if you wish. Customer is responsible for child’s safety if no car seats are provided.
  9. For Tour Extensions, Check for vehicle availability with Chauffeur. Tour extensions will be billed in 30 min increments. The payment will be processed at the time of request, to the existing card on file.
  10. No smoking or Vaping is permitted inside any vehicle. We will charge minimum of $450 for any violations.
  11. Excessive use of glitter is not allowed in vehicle. Only Exception is for garments with glitter. $250 cleaning fee for any violation.
  12. Alcohol is not allowed for anyone under 21 years of age. Drug use is not permitted in the vehicle. The tour will be terminated with no refunds for violations.
  13. Small snacks permitted in the vehicle. Excessive garbage or sticky food materials left in the vehicle will be billed for cleanup fee.
  14. We will charge additional fee for any damage to the vehicle or items in the vehicle caused by customers.
  15. A cleaning fee of up to $650 will be charged for cleaning and fumigating purposes at the Limousine’s discretion, for any bodily fluids in or around limousine. e.g. (Vomiting, Urination)
  16. Royalty Trips cannot be held responsible for any unexpected cancellations or delays due to but not limited to natural disasters, inclement weather, Traffic accidents, failure of electronics in the vehicle including stereos, or unexpected mechanical failure of the vehicle.
  17. The person who signs the contract will be responsible for all damages. Damages will be charged at 125% of the repair cost plus parts and labor. In addition, responsible party is held accountable for all lost income as a result of damages. Including but not limited to gum, food, or drink spills. The contract signer is responsible to inspect the vehicle chartered prior to departure to determine any previous damages.
  18. Passengers are required to be always seated while the vehicle is in motion. Royalty Trips Limousine is not liable for injuries to guests who are not seated during transit.
  19. Passengers are not allowed to sit on the back rest portion of any seat that leans against the windows.
  20. Passengers are not allowed to stand on the seats.
  21. Royalty Trips Reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.




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