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Party Bus Ideas for Adults: Must-Try Games and Activities

Wine and Brewery Tours Party Bus Ideas for Adults

Party buses have become a popular choice for adults for various celebrations and events. Renting a party bus is a fantastic idea for commemorating special occasions, as it adds a whole new dimension of excitement and non-stop fun with its spacious interiors and distinctive features. Planning to entertain your guests is crucial when you rent a party bus. There are many fantastic party bus ideas for adults, including games and activities, which make the experience even more memorable for everyone on board.

If you’re searching for fun games and activities to enjoy on a party bus, you’ve come to the right place. In the following article, we will explore what you can do on a party bus to ensure your guests have a great time during their journey.

What Do You Do on a Party Bus: Games for Adult

Wine and Brewery Tours Party Bus Ideas for Adults

When it comes to celebrations, a party bus offers a versatile and exciting way to have a great time. Adults can have a great time on a party bus with a variety of games and entertainment options. So, what exactly can an adult do on a party bus? Here are some popular activities and things to do on a party bus for adults:

Casino Night


Wine and Brewery Tours Party Bus Ideas for Adults

Organize a casino night on the party bus. Dice, card tables, and poker chips can transform the party bus into a mobile casino. You can play any card game you prefer, such as poker, blackjack, or others. You can also set up a small buy-in for those who want to test their luck, or you can play just for fun. The gaming experience on the party bus is unique and enjoyable.

Here are some additional tips for hosting a casino night on the party bus:

  • Make sure there is adequate room for everyone to walk about in comfort.
  • Reduce the volume so that people can converse and play the games with one another.
  • Above all, remember to have fun! Your guest will never forget the exciting and unique experience of a casino night on the party bus.

Drinking Games

Drinking games can undoubtedly elevate the fun factor. You can play a drinking game, like telling a joke and taking a sip every time someone laughs first, or you can take a sip whenever there’s an incorrect guess during a game of charades.

However, it is important to drink responsibly. To ensure you can enjoy your time on the party bus to the fullest, make sure to alternate your alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic ones like water. Your rental experience will be much more enjoyable when you are present the entire time.

Cards Against Humanity

This game isn’t suitable for kids, but it’s a lot of fun for a group of adults who appreciate some hilariously inappropriate cards. There are expansion packs available, allowing you to continue playing with cards that you may not have seen before. Cards Against Humanity is a terrific game for adults to play on a party bus. It’s not a game for the weak of the heart because the whole point is to be as humorous and outrageous as you can. But Cards Against Humanity is a terrific option if you’re searching for a game that will make your party chuckle.

Just make sure to plan and make sure the party bus has a table or a flat surface for playing the game. It’s a simple game to learn, but it can be very difficult to master. The key is to be creative and to think outside the box. So get your group together and start playing.

Relax and Socialize


Wine and Brewery Tours Party Bus Ideas for Adults

As an adult, sometimes simply relaxing and socializing with friends is the best way to make the most of a party bus. As the bus transports you to your destination, you can chat, share your stories, and enjoy the company of your favorite people. Relaxing and socializing on a party bus is a great way to unwind and have a good time with friends. So put away your phones, let loose, and enjoy the ride. It’s a fantastic opportunity.

Dance Party

You can create a fantastic playlist of songs that everyone can dance to, but remember to keep safety in mind as the bus will be moving. This will set the mood for an incredible dance session. It’s a good idea to find out from the bus rental company what kind of sound system it has so you can make appropriate preparations. Make sure to bring any necessary equipment, including an auxiliary cord, if it’s required.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when having a dance party on a moving bus:

  • Make sure there is sufficient space for everyone to dance without running into one another.
  • When the bus is moving quickly or turning corners, ask passengers to grip onto anything solid.
  • Avoid dancing close to the doors and windows and pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Take breaks to rest and hydrate.

Cocktail-Making Competition

Wine and Brewery Tours Party Bus Ideas for Adults

This is a fun and delightful game, perfect for adults. The cocktail-making competition game unites friends for an evening filled with laughter and drinks. You can participate as either teams or individuals, and every round presents a unique challenge, encouraging competitors to craft imaginative and tantalizing drinks that impress judges and excite the taste buds of fellow passengers. In this cocktail-making competition, aspiring bartenders can use the theme or ingredient of the round as a guide to create their masterpieces within the allotted time. To enhance the excitement, consider offering awards for the competition’s winners.

What’s in the Bag?

Women often carry an array of random items in their purses and handbags. To add some fun and excitement throughout, the host can create a list of trip begins. Split the party into two teams once the bus is moving. Start pointing out items from the list, and as you call out an item, each team must search through their bags to find the requested item. Points are awarded to the first team to offer the item to the caller. This game can keep everyone entertained for the entire trip and can get quite interesting.

Timeless Classics Party Bus Game Ideas for Adults


Wine and Brewery Tours Party Bus Ideas for Adults

Party buses are a fantastic choice for various age groups when you plan your event thoughtfully. If you’re planning a birthday party or just a small get-together, a party bus offers a fun environment for a range of age groups. Making sure that everyone has a good time is crucial. Consider these few entertaining games that people of all ages can play on the party bus.

Playing the Classic Game of Telephone

Start with a fun and family-friendly game of “telephone” with the standard rules. Someone in the front bus comes with a word or statement and whispers it to the person seated beside them. After that, each individual tells the person next to them what they’ve heard. This process is repeated until the last person on the bus has heard the entire phrase or sentence and shared it with everyone else. The fun is in the funny differences between the original sentence and the result, which usually makes people chuckle.

To make it even more entertaining, take turns creating unique prompts to pass throughout the bus. It becomes more difficult to effectively convey the information throughout the party bus when you start with a wide range of phrases.

Choose a Theme for Your Party

It is a great idea to add even more excitement to your party bus night by choosing a theme. There are many different theme alternatives available and they may help you plan what you’ll do during the trips. Additionally, you can request that everyone dress in theme. Your options for themes are virtually limitless:

  • Disco Fever
  • Sports Fandom
  • Murder mystery
  • Pajama Party [PJ party]
  • Nostalgic Decades
  • Alphabet party
  • Favorite Disney Character

Feel free to get creative and have a theme that matches your group’s style and interests.

Stories from a Greyhound Journey

You can choose a fictional book and have each passenger read a few paragraphs from a single chapter of a friction book. Afterward, encourage your passengers to guess the book from which the snipper is taken.

If you wish to increase the difficulty of the game. You can choose books with more chapters or less well-known ones. You can also drop hints for your passengers, such as the book’s genre or location.

Karaoke Competition


Wine and Brewery Tours Party Bus Ideas for Adults

A karaoke competition is a fun team-building and bonding experience with friends. Divide the passengers into four groups, and then you can assign a song to each group to perform. The song selection can align with a theme or be entirely of the group’s choosing. Give them around fifteen minutes to practice before the competition begins.

Two Truth and a Lie Game

It’s a pretty straightforward game. Each person takes a turn to provide three statements about themselves. Out of these statements, one is false, and the other two are true. The challenge for everyone else is to guess which of the three statements is the falsehood. This game is an excellent approach for you to get to know your friends and family better and test your knowledge about your friends or family. Two Truths and a Lie is a great way to start a conversation, especially when a lot of people are meeting for the first time on the party bus.

Status: Freeze and Dance Game

States is a game in which you turn up the music and let everyone dance to the beat. Here’s the twist: when the music suddenly stops, every participant must freeze in their dance pose as if they were a statue. Anyone caught moving while the music is on pause is out of the game, and the last person still dancing wins.

To make it more interesting make sure to add themes to your games like “Disco” or “Hip Hop” Freeze Dance Party, you can also turn up the volume, the louder the music, the more fun everyone will have. So put on some music, get moving, and have fun.


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