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Can You Drink in a Limo In Oregon?

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Updated: January 21, 2024
can you drink in a limo

Yes, people can drink in a limo’s passenger seat area, however, the answer is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. To find out if you can have champagne in your fancy limo ride without concern, let’s explore the relevant rules and regulations governing such activities.

Limousines are often associated with glitz, glamor, and indulgence, and have become the popular choice for celebrating special occasions. Whether you’re booking a limousine for professional or personal purposes, the experience is characterized by seamless luxury. Being in such a luxurious atmosphere, one might naturally consider sipping on a glass of wine or champagne.

As you enjoy your fancy limo ride, have you ever wondered if it’s okay to have a glass of wine or tasty champagne without breaking any rules? Let’s take a closer look at whether it’s allowed to drink alcohol in a limo. Understanding these rules will help us better appreciate the unique experience and also adds a new layer to the overall experience of a limousine ride.

Why Can You Drink in a Limo? Reality Inside Limos

Wine and Brewery Tours Can You Drink in a Limo In Oregon?

Drinking in limos happens quite frequently, though often in moderation. Many limo companies expressly allow passengers to consume alcohol from on-board bars. Frequently, this involves champagne, wine, or other celebratory drinks rather than hard liquor or excessive consumption.

When we talk about the inside of the limos, there is a  partition between passenger and driver. Good limo companies want to provide a safe, responsible, and legal environment for their customers. So competent chauffeurs will monitor passenger intoxication levels and prohibit drinking that seems dangerously excessive. Companies permitting alcohol consumption also expect passengers to remain orderly and not disturb public spaces like sidewalks during transport and drop-offs.  

Beyond company policies, chauffeurs themselves usually aim to deliver customers safely to their destination in a timely and pleasant manner. They probably won’t completely stop you from drinking responsibly, but they can decide how much is okay if necessary. Most in-vehicle disagreements can be avoided through clear communication of expectations and limits ahead of time between customers and their limo provider before pick-up.

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Open Container Law Oregon : Liquor Laws for Vehicles

Wine and Brewery Tours Can You Drink in a Limo In Oregon?

Laws related to drinking in vehicles vary quite a bit from state to state. In some places, it is perfectly legal for passengers to consume alcohol from an on-board bar as long as the driver does not partake. Other states explicitly prohibit open containers or public consumption, even if in a private vehicle. And some jurisdictions have exceptions or special permits specifically for limos and other vehicles-for-hire. 

Open container laws state that you can’t have open alcohol containers in your vehicle, whether it’s moving or parked. Having an open container, like beer, wine, or any alcohol, is illegal and not allowed in any seating area, even for passengers. The only exception is if you are in a limousine. Consuming alcohol drinks in the passenger areas of the limo is legal.

Generally speaking, open container laws are about the driver, not necessarily passengers. So in places without clear statutes banning drinking in cars altogether, it is often permissible for passengers to drink  but not anyone behind the steering wheel. However, both federal regulations and insurance companies mandate sober drivers when transporting paying customers. Intoxicated chauffeurs can lead to huge fines, revoked licenses, and voided insurance policies.

Social norms and public perceptions also come into play around drinking in limos beyond just abiding by relevant laws. If people in a limo are loud and clearly drunk, it might get the police involved or disturbed nearby people. So even if technically “legal,” getting wildly drunk might not be smiled upon by all.

Why Drink in a Limo Anyway?

Limousines provide a sleek, stylish mode of transportation for all manner of occasions from weddings to wine tours to birthday blowouts. Part of the motivation for booking a limo includes indulging in a little glamorous revelry not always possible via traditional means of getting around. Limos transform routine travel into extraordinary experiences.

An onboard wet bar stocked with bubbly provides a classic accent to any special event transport. Passing champagne flutes through a sunroof or rolled down window makes celebratory toasts completely Instagrammable. Sipping spirits while a chauffeur navigates busy streets also guarantees arriving relaxed and ready for the main event without worries of driving under even legal limits of impairment.  

Of course, drinking responsibly within limits serves as the key operative idea behind allowing alcohol in limos. Passengers looking to get recklessly intoxicated probably won’t encounter many willing drivers or companies. Yet cars with competently monitored wet bars can elevate events with a touch of old-fashioned luxury and whimsy in line with customer preferences.

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Things to Keep in Mind Around Drinking in Limos

Wine and Brewery Tours Can You Drink in a Limo In Oregon?

Before popping that champagne, keep a few considerations around drinking in limos in mind:

  • Research state statutes and local ordinances first so everyone knows relevant laws. Inform guests ahead of expectations.
  • Establish clear guidelines with the limo company about drinking policies before booking. Don’t assume all companies and drivers share the same standards.
  • Only utilize trustworthy, professional transportation providers with proper licensing, training, and insurance coverage. Don’t take risks with shady operators.
  • Provide reasonable notice to chauffeurs about anticipating alcohol consumption to allow them to plan timing, routes, and make appropriate judgments.
  • Expect drivers to potentially limit drinking if safety concerns arise. Trust their discretion in getting everyone to destinations intact.
  • Avoid behavior that might disturb public spaces during drop-offs and keep celebrations reasonably contained while in vehicles.
  • Travel with bottled water and snacks to pace alcohol intake.
  • Keep copies of rental agreements detailing any rules, regulations and safety information handy for reference.

    While popping bubbly in a stretch hummer might seem ritzy, getting sick, hurt, arrested or catching a DUI definitely does not make for good limo karma. So temper the temptation to imbibe too heartily while being chauffeured around town.


At the end of the day, drinking in limousines falls into somewhat of a gray area legally speaking across different states along with individual company guidelines. Technically passengers can often drink, though not always, nor always excessively. Chauffeurs might have some rules to prevent excessive drinking. Ultimately, being an orderly, responsible tippler ensures maximum enjoyment while cruising around in style. Staying reasonably sober also guarantees arriving at planned activities ready to mingle versus making an embarrassing entrance. So sip celebratory spirits moderately to accent that special occasion elegance but don’t overdo it! With the right balance, raising glasses from the plush leather interior of a limo guarantees memories filled with refinement and fun rather than regretful morning-after headaches.

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Wine and Brewery Tours Can You Drink in a Limo In Oregon?

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